In 2017, Evin Einhardt transformed his passion into a business – WOW Factor Baseball Training and Development. WOW Factor’s mission solely focuses on the training and preparing of players in hopes of creating opportunities to play baseball at the next level. His facility’s main focus can be found in the WOW Factor logo: Average, Power, Speed, Velocity, and Defense. Excelling in these 5 areas will give players the WOW Factor and ultimately grab the attention of college coaches and pro-scouts. Trainer Evin chose to focus on these 5 areas because it is the criteria in which players are graded when being scouted. 

When Evin envisioned WOW Factor, he never once saw trophies and banners on the wall. He saw college scholarships and professional commitments. WOW Factor

is ALL about the training and development of players, not about the number of games won. 

WOW Factor consists of two entities- 1.) Training & development 2.) Exposure & showcases

First entity training &development .Training should begin at 7u. The player should have their fundamentals developed by 13u. This stage focuses on teaching players proper movement patterns and techniques at a young age so the fundamentals will be second nature as they enter into high school baseball. A good, positive work ethic and accountability are also taught during the training and development stage. WOW Factor believes hard work can over power talent in the baseball world. During the training and development phase, Trainer Evin works with the players on the importance of consistency and goal setting. The player’s numbers and progression will be tracked to allow them the opportunity to understand hard work pays off.

The second entity is showcase & exposure. This phase typically starts when a WOW Factor player enters 8th grade (14u and older). College scouts start early, so WOW Factor does too! College programs are offering scholarships to players as early as the 8th grade. WOW Factor showcases and lessons give players exposure to college coaches and professional scouts. When it comes to college scholarships and professional commitments in baseball, it’s a numbers game. If your numbers are WOWING college coaches and scouts then your chances of playing a higher level of baseball increase. 

As you enter WOW Factor, you will find Trainer Evin’s motto “Training isn’t for everyone, neither is playing time”posted on the walls. Evin created Wow Factor with his endless hard work and dedication to his passion for helping athletes play their highest level of baseball. None of his success, on or off the field, would have been possible without his consistent training and dedication to the sport. He feels it is his mission to instill that same work ethic and dedication in his players.